Personalized learning programs

We build training programs tailored to your learning goals and needs

Learning through participation

Learn in a dynamic and creative context, through recognized methods such as Art of Hosting, Gamification and Graphic Facilitation

70% Practice, 30% Theory

Learn through practice and receive measurable feedback for the skills you want to develop

Continuous learning community

After the training, participate in contexts for exchanging good practices with other practitioners

Storytelling for Authentic Leadership

As a leader in your company, you have the challenging mission of building a dynamic, honest and collaborative team. Learn to communicate through stories, build trust through your messages, and inspire performance throughout the team.

Lead your team with a powerful story and take them to new heights!

Storytelling for Persuasive Presentations

As an entrepreneur, manager and leader, you want to build relationships with people through clear, persuasive messages that are heard and followed. Whether you realize it or not, you are an architect of relationships and messages. Make sure you have the desired impact in every context!

Storytelling for Creative Marketing

If your brand was a person, what would it say? What conversations would it start? A simple ad increases visibility, but does not build relationships.

Through this training you learn to build persuasive messages through those meaningful stories that provoke reactions and build connections.

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