Storytelling for Persuasion and Transformation



Persuasion isn’t about finding hacks to fool your audience, it’s about understanding their problems, their way of seeing the world and empowering them to pursue the things that will fulfill their desires.


Let go of stage fright or the need to control your audience. Worry less about who or what could sabotage your presentation. Learn the effective strategy of Downloading and Zooming Out and develop a healthier relationship with your fears and insecurities. 


Learn how to apply simple story structures and concepts to WOW! your audience and make your message land effectively in their minds. With a simple pitch deck of stories you will manage to make any idea or product relatable and desirable for your audience.


You will learn to apply “The Hero’s Journey” model in the leadership or customer experience of those we want to persuade. The end point of a good story is behavioral change, whether we’re talking about becoming better professionals or about buying and properly using the products you sell.

Are you looking to help people become better versions of themselves? Do you want to help your team or colleagues perform and improve? Do you wish to have an impact on our audience every time you walk on stage?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Storytelling is the best way to connect with your audience, engage them emotionally and help them change their behavior for the better. Stories break barriers, open people up and help us discover new ways of doing things. And that is what I want to teach today.

My name is Alex Glod. When I started off my career as a trainer, I never thought I would have something original to offer my students, I always relied on material and inspiration from others. But in time I learned to integrate my personal stories into my classes and they became the most valuable asset I had to offer.

Thanks to my personal stories I grew a strong personal brand, I stood out from the crowd and I’ve had the chance to speak at 3 TEDx events, train thousands of people across Europe and Asia and teach over 32.000 students on Udemy.

During this course I would like to teach you all that I’ve learned about Storytelling and help you make a difference in the lives of the people around you, whether they are your colleagues, customers or students. 

You will have access to over 3 hours of video content and several useful resources. You will experience the course as a live training participant, you will see other students taking part in the experience and you will also get to share your stories in the Q&A section.


  • Teachers and Trainers who want to engage with their students on an emotional level and inspire more passion for learning
  • Public Speakers who want to build a strong personal brand and make Storytelling a part of their practice
  • Leaders who want to inspire their teams to action and build a strong sense of community
  • Toastmasters who want to expand their skill set and amaze their audience in every public speech
  • YouTubers and Influencers who want to use personal stories in the content they create online

What will you learn
  • How Stories can Persuade and Impact your Audience

  • How to Deal with Your Own Anxiety and Insecurities on Stage

  • How to Craft Short Persuasive Stories

  • How to Tell Stories with Passion and Conviction by Effectively Using Body Language and Voice Modulations

  • How to Help Your Customers and Colleagues Transform into Better Versions of Themselves

  • No, simply join in with an open mind and the willingness to do the exercises presented in the course


  • 36 Lessons
  • 03:39:17 Hours
  • Why Storytelling Matters00:04:14
  • Course Objectives and Principles00:06:14
  • Why Are We Here?00:02:08
  • Meet The Instructor00:04:09
  • Meet The Students Of The Course00:16:43
  • Why We Would Love to Get to Know You As Well00:01:22
  • Storytellers in Action - Ariel Chiș00:08:04
  • Why Stories Are So Important to Persuasion00:07:30
  • How Persuasive Stories Work00:06:06
  • How to Prepare to Persuade Your Audience00:04:20
  • A Useful Example of Preparing to Persuade and Audience00:05:38
  • Exercise #1 - Prepare to Persuade Your Audience00:01:12
  • Why We Fear Rejection So Much00:01:48
  • How to Manage Your Anxiety00:11:46
  • How to Manage Your Upset or Resentment Towards Difficult People00:13:01
  • How to Manage Your Excitement00:09:33
  • How To Accept and Recover from Rejection00:06:19
  • Introduction to The Storytelling Toolkit00:01:25
  • The Power of Analogy and Allegory00:07:55
  • The Story of Their Potential Future00:04:41
  • The Personal Story00:07:29
  • The Power of Your Voice00:06:58
  • Vocal Warm-Up Exercises
  • The Dynamic Flow of a Story00:03:10
  • How To Effectively Interact with Your Audience00:03:55
  • Exercise #2 - Craft Your Persuasive Story00:01:54
  • Storytellers in Action - Iulia Sorescu00:08:00
  • Storytellers in Action - Colin Whitfield00:05:25
  • Storytellers in Action - Luiza Dăncescu00:07:39
  • Closing Section #300:00:30
  • The Hero's Journey00:04:20
  • Transformational Leadership00:08:07
  • Transformational Customer Strategy00:08:08
  • How To Facilitate Behavioral Change00:05:35
  • Next Steps00:10:47
  • Questions & Answers00:13:12

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