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Why this training program?

Due to the design of our educational system, most people as they grow up tend to be very competitive, while at the same time finding it very difficult to trust others and themselves. For this reason, it becomes pretty difficult for a leader to form a dynamic, sincere and collaborative team. In order to create a culture of collaboration and support, the leader needs to be an example for their team and inspire confidence and trust in a genuine way. 

Storytelling for Authentic Leadership is an experiential training program that helps managers influence, motivate and inspire their teams to take action and collaborate effectively.

How will you learn?

During the training you will learn how to use storytelling techniques and develop valuable skills such as empathy, emotional and social intelligence, offering constructive feedback and facilitating team dynamics, which will later prove very valuable in leading your team especially in times of trials and tribulations. The training uses creative and participatory learning methods such as Gamification, Art of Hosting, Graphic Facilitation and Experiential Learning.

What will you learn during the program?

During this intense training experience, you will learn:

  • How to win the trust of a team and maintain it in the long term
  • How to provide your team a complete leadership development experience
  • How to use past failures to build a healthy team culture
  • How to give up the need for control, perfectionism and rigidity as a leader

Furthermore, you will learn how to eliminate corporate language and lack of clarity, which creates distance between you and your team members. You will gain the trust and attention of the team, communicate the lessons learned from your experience, convey the vision and values of the company and communicate the unpleasant news through a story that has the gift of humanizing communication and of creating bridges and opportunities for learning rather than grudges and conflicts.

Why Storytelling and Leadership?

Let’s do a small memory test, shall we?. Which was the last presentation or speech you participated in (or remember)? What did you remember from it? What exactly created excitement and helped you integrate the main idea behind the experience? Most likely, there was a story.

Your experience is confirmed by numerous studies – stories have an emotional impact on people. It’s one of the reasons why over 65% of TED.com speeches are based on a story. Storytelling (or the Art of Storytelling) is the oldest and most effective method of communicating and convincing a group of people. From the very beginning of civilization, the storyteller was the person of reference in the tribe who managed to gather others around him or her naturally.

Great stories determine the audience to take concrete actions, giving the audience the example of a character who, through his actions, reaches the same results that they want to achieve as well. Stories can also educate the audience in avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes when talking about the uninspired actions of a character that led to bad results. And most importantly, stories have the power of bringing people together, breaking down the barriers we create when judging by appearances.

Telling stories in a business context is not complicated, but it is a learning process. Start it right now with us!

Your Trainer, Alex Glod

For over 8 years, Alex has been working with leaders, marketers and professionals from the corporate and NGO sector to help them tell their stories with impact, to connect with their audiences, and to provide them with a memorable experience. He is an expert in Storytelling applied in Public Speaking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, in participatory methods such as World Cafe, Open Space, Graphic Facilitation and Appreciative Inquiry and manages to involve any audience in an interactive and emotional learning process.

Alex is recognized for his personal stories, very human and expressive style, but especially for how he can explain complex notions in allegories and simple and easy to understand metaphors. He has spoken 3 times at a TEDx event: TEDx University of Piraeus 2015 (Greece), TEDx Bacău 2015 and TEDx Calea Domnească 2018 (Romania).


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Dana Nae PopaThe 2 days spent in the program were full of examples and information that can be easily put into practice the very next day. Inspiration, story, communication are just a few of the words that I would choose to describe this course.

Dana Nae Popa, Managing Director Pastel

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