Are you looking to help people become better versions of themselves? Do you want to help your team or colleagues perform and improve? Do you wish to have an impact on our audience at every meeting or event? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Storytelling is the best way to connect with your audience, engage with them emotionally and help them change their behavior for the better. Stories break barriers, they help people to open up and they help them discover new ways of doing things.

If you would like to bring this skill in your company, we offer the perfect space for your leaders and employees to re-discover their personal stories, craft them in a persuasive manner, learn to manage their emotions effectively, tell their stories with passion and conviction and help transform their teams and colleagues into better versions of themselves.

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Benefits for your company

Storytelling for Persuasion and Transformation is an immersive training experience which is aimed at developing a community of storytellers inside your company, people that can inspire, engage and persuade their colleagues throughout their journey, from recruitment all the way to their next steps outside the company. With the help of this experience, you will:

  • Make your employees feel valued for their personal stories
  • Offer them a fun and engaging learning experience
  • Foster more confidence, initiative and connections inside your teams
  • Leaders will take more initiative and set the tone inside their teams, they will bring more value to the company and will feel more connected to its mission and values.
  • Plus, the training involves several participative learning methods such as Open Circle, Graphic Facilitation, Simulations, World Café and Pro-Action Café, so it will be bound to be practical, creative and full of insights.

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The Trainer Behind It All

Alex Glod

For over 6 years, Alex Glod has been working with leaders, marketers and professionals from the corporate and NGO sector to help them tell their stories with impact, to connect with their audiences, and to provide them with a memorable experience. He is an expert in Storytelling applied in Public Speaking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, in participatory methods such as World Cafe, Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry and manages to involve any audience in an interactive and emotional learning process.

Alex is recognized for his personal stories, his very human and expressive style, but especially for how he can explain complex notions in allegories and simple and easy to understand metaphors. He has been 3 times on a TEDx stage at TEDx University of Piraeus 2015, TEDx Bacau 2015 & TEDx CaleaDomneasca 2018.

Organizations we worked with

StoryArc Companies

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