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What makes you a better public speaker and communicator?

We asked 50 entrepreneurs and professionals who participate in business events what they appreciate most in a speaker. 88% of them prioritize the valuable content of the presentation, 78% value the authenticity and the naturalness in the presentation, and 72% the authentic interaction with the audience.
40% of those we asked would also like the speaker in front of them to be more authentic, vulnerable, to share their own experiences and 33% would like the speaker to avoid the cliches of personal development.

Whether you are presenting at an event, an internal meeting, a classroom or a boardroom, it is good to know how to connect with any audience, add value through your presentation and create an emotional experience.
Storytelling for Persuasive Presentations is an experiential training program where you learn how to bring abstract ideas to life through stories, communicate them with confidence and persuade your audience in an authentic way.

What will you learn during the program?

  • How to connect authentically with your target audience through storytelling tools and principles
  • How to align your body language and vocal dexterity to the message you are conveying
  • How to identify the needs of the audience and adapt your presentation accordingly
  • How to make sure your message is a memorable one by using simple analogies and allegories

After this training, you will know how to create a memorable experience for each audience… an experience that will compel them to tell others about. Isn’t that we all want from our presentations in the end?

How will you learn?

We believe in practical learning. Therefore, during the training, you will give 6 presentations (2 of which can be video recorded), you will receive feedback and points based on your performance and you will learn dynamically through techniques such as Gamification, Art of Hosting, Graphic Facilitation and Experiential Learning.

Storytelling for Public Speakers - Gallery

Why Storytelling?

Let’s do a small memory test, shall we?. Which was the last presentation or speech you participated in (or remember)? What did you remember from it? What exactly created excitement and helped you integrate the main idea behind the experience? Most likely, there was a story.

Your experience is confirmed by numerous studies – stories have an emotional impact on people. It’s one of the reasons why over 65% of TED.com speeches are based on a story. Storytelling (or the Art of Storytelling) is the oldest and most effective method of communicating and convincing a group of people. From the very beginning of civilization, the storyteller was the person of reference in the tribe who managed to gather others around him or her naturally.

Great stories determine the audience to take concrete actions, giving the audience the example of a character who, through his actions, reaches the same results that they want to achieve as well. Stories can also educate the audience in avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes when talking about the uninspired actions of a character that led to bad results. And most importantly, stories have the power of bringing people together, breaking down the barriers we create when judging by appearances.

Telling stories in a business context is not complicated, but it is a learning process. Start it right now with us!


Your Trainer, Alex Glod

For over 8 years, Alex has been working with leaders, marketers and professionals from the corporate and NGO sector to help them tell their stories with impact, to connect with their audiences, and to provide them with a memorable experience. He is an expert in Storytelling applied in Public Speaking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, in participatory methods such as World Cafe, Open Space, Graphic Facilitation and Appreciative Inquiry and manages to involve any audience in an interactive and emotional learning process.

Alex is recognized for his personal stories, very human and expressive style, but especially for how he can explain complex notions in allegories and simple and easy to understand metaphors. He has spoken 3 times at a TEDx event: TEDx University of Piraeus 2015 (Greece), TEDx Bacău 2015 and TEDx Calea Domnească 2018 (Romania).


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After the hours invested in the course, I left richer: with a collection of stories, with some barriers overcome, with new perspectives on Storytelling and with concrete things that I can apply to make my messages more effective.

Sorina Priceputu, IT Recruiter ING

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